Why Todd Royal

At no point in human history has there been such an incredible need for accurate and timely predictive geopolitical analysis. The nations of our present world are making decisions whose implications are as far-reaching and potentially as costly as any we have seen before. People are inundated with information yet remain ill-informed when it comes to the motives of the players at hand and their interests in making the next move on the global or domestic chess board.

It has become dangerously fashionable to blame geopolitical problems on outside factors, which has resulted in morally obtuse and naive multiculturalism from some of the leading consulting firms and think tanks. In our politically-correct age, these organizations avoid taking strong stances on matters of great significance. Their expertise is limited by their position of neutrality, and so they do very little to unpack the complexity of the situations that are blasted through the headlines each and every day.

Enter Todd Royal Consulting. This is a firm built upon the fundamentals of predictive analysis using regime type, ideology, history and human nature as the leading variables. We are committed to presenting the facts, unleashing the truths that inform them, and offering a clear and comprehensive assessment of future outcomes. No agenda. No limitations. No games.

Todd’s research and predictive analysis landed one of his first works in the Library of Congress. His publications regarding local, national and international geopolitics and energy have been read across the globe. His political instincts from holding public office and understanding of the human condition provide a perspective that is not only based on facts, but that is rooted in a deeper reality of people and power. Todd’s ability to distill the complexities of regimes and cultures and relay them in a way that is both palpable and comprehensible is wholly unsurpassed by the big firms. This is no ordinary consultant. This is Todd Royal.

In our world of chess, let Todd Royal Consulting inform your next move.