What is Predictive Analysis

Clarion calls to prudence and sound wisdom proclaim that what you are receiving from the likes of McKinsey, Goldman Sach’s and IHS Markit isn’t predictive analysis but is the same sanitized analysis that passes itself off as authoritatively controlled information that emptied your consulting budget without producing a sound vision for your future.

Meanwhile you’ll still be asking why North Korea is developing ICBMs to annihilate the United States, will Russia annex another Eastern European nation and whether China will dominate the 21st century?

But these questions can be answered and you can receive a vision of where you need to plan 2018, allocate your financial resources and choose the correct path for growth. All questions that Todd Royal consulting can answer for you using four variables at the heart of our predictive analysis practice: regime type, ideology, history and human nature. Otherwise your business, government or delicate geopolitical situation will take a perilous turn relying on conventional means that multinational consulting and security threats firms are currently using.

Now that information and trillions moves around the world at the click of a button this means the war against your business, investments and interests aren’t abating. The specter of meltdown looms larger every day without giving civilized or developing societies options to mitigate risks. Famous prognosticators make political and economic predictions outside their realm of expertise without considering the source of where the problems began and who is responsible for them. They merely diagnosis geopolitical stress without giving cures. Let our predictive analysis make sense of institutionalized, counterproductive policies that supposedly behave in a relation way and assist you moving forward in your search for clarity and direction.